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Regardless of what type of recorded format transfers to whatever wished final format, we know the best path for your final result.  A well thought out workflow saves money, time and nerves. There will be enough unforeseen problems and it is definitely helpful that we can take care of the technical ones.


From the mosquito to the elephant, from the match to the forest fire. Sound design is an effective instrument to influence strongly the audience emotionally, regardless in what direction. We are almost a century well versed on this topic and we can provide a strong and experienced team for your auditory support.

We are fully aware that in contrast to the large proportion of visual people we are a bit exotic in the field. We tend to think of ourselves as the true powerful force over the audience since our art can impress more than any of the other crafts put together.

Don’t worry, weren’t not going to continue defending our opinion here, but we would like to provide you our cumulative expertise, concentrated energy, excessive fantasy and everything imaginable on the audio level that will have a positive effect on your film. We can take every acoustic occurrence to a new dimension and position and embed it in the specified format. You can really feel this. On currently nine digital work stations with different set-ups perfectly made for the needed applications, dialogs will be cleaned, sounds recorded as well as language, tones newly created or well-thought- out ones selected and mixed together in a coherent sound world into all formats from mobile phone to a surround sound installation.



CINEMA STAGE: 165 square meter, 45 square meter movie screen, JBL 7.1 Surround system, 2k projection, air-conditioned, high-speed-internet, WLAN

3D-Sound TV STAGE: 45m2 - 9m2 screen - 2k DCI Projection or UHD TV-set - 7.1.4 Dolby TM Atmos TM Home Sound System - air-conditioned


Powerful colouring, noble paleness or the agfa-retro-look and everything that you can colour in – that is how we will paint your film. The colour matching department is awash with colours. Experts with many years of experience and impressive portfolios show every scene in a perfect light.

The correct mixture of tonality can immensely support a film’s message. In order to achieve the perfect atmosphere, we have a pool of experienced colour graders and grading suites with top of the line technology.

For film productions, we have two grading film cinemas 160 square meters and 45 square meters large, equipped with DCI conformed 2K projections. In two other suites, there is a monitor-grading for online, commercials and TV in 4K and HDR.

All of our systems are at any time accurately calibrated. Year round we can guarantee exact colour coherence.
And of course all of our suites are equipped with high speed internet and are air conditioned.


We are with you on the set. That is probably our biggest advantage. The scheduled workflows will be supervised by our DITs and the whole expertise from a post-production company will be with you on the set. The rushes grades or live grades will be completely transferred into the final grading without any restrictions. 

A complete post-production is mobile enough to be on set. Our DITs work already in the pre-production stage and construct workflows for a smooth process. While on set, we can fill all of your needs for every production – verified copies, quality control, on-set grading, live grading, sound-sync dailies and proxies.

There are no limits while grading on set. If needed we can go beyond just working on the primaries. Masks and tracking are also not a problem. Naturally, all of the finished operations are completely available in the final picture correction without permanently changing the original material.

While on set, the dailies are also available through your own WLAN meaning you aren’t dependent on the erratic on site internet connection. All digital camera formats can be operated regardless if 2K or 8K, compressed or raw.


An example on the tablet or a film in the theaters? A spot in the web or a murder mystery on TV?  The results from all of our work will attain your goals. Our speedy internet definitely helps. It is especially fast.

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want to start your film with us?

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